Gun Control
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Ashley's life was taken from her when another child accidentally shot her.
The weapon belonged to an ex-policeman, who had not locked up his gun.

Are We Protecting Our Children?
Brady Campaign Releases 2001 State Report Cards On Laws Protecting Kids From Gun Violence

Gun Facts:


Having a gun in the home makes you less safe and puts you and your loved ones at risk. A gun in the home is 43 times more likely to be used to commit homicide, suicide, or an accidental shooting.


48% of gun-owning households with children do NOT regularly make sure that guns are equipped with child safety locks or other trigger locks.


More preschoolers died from guns in 1994 than police officers killed in the line of duty!!


Every day, 15 American children are killed with guns!


Thirty percent of families with children keep loaded guns in the home!


Nationwide for 2002, gun violence killed 2,893 American children and teens ages 19 and under.

Make your voice heard!
Write your representative
in support of GUN CONTROL!

Together we can decide the future of our Nation. 


bulletVIOLENCE POLICY CENTER--A Firearms and Firearms Violence Bibliography and Resource Guide for Advocates Working to Reduce Firearms Violence.
bulletPAX--An organization dedicated to ending gun violence.